This project really is a winning combination. The girls from the high school spend time with children from Ezer Mizion at an activity center. The enjoyment is two-fold, not only do the girls from the high school give of their time and enjoy an enriching and constructive experience, but the Ezer Mizion children enjoy every moment with the girls and expectantly wait for them. (clip enclosed).

A study center is in operation at Margalit High School. This center provides extra-curricular lessons in the sciences and the arts, personal tutoring and enrichment workshops to develop study and thought strategies. The center is aimed at students with learning gaps and students who have difficulty in one or more of the subjects taught. The aim is to prevent these girls from dropping out and to encourage each of them to take their matriculation exams.

This assistance is given in grades 9 – 12.  A personal program of individual and group lessons is built for each student. 70 students (30% of the entire student body) receive assistance of 2 hours a week (a total of 8 hours a month). At the center 30 tutors, trained teachers, help these students in their studies. The tutors are positive role models for the girls, providing encouragement and support.

Thanks to our efforts, 90% of the students successfully complete their studies and continue on to study at the Seminar!

Mifalot Simha believes that education builds the community. In the project presented we ask to develop the leadership skills of a group of 60 students from the Seminar in order to train them to be anchors in the community. These girls lead the initiative and put into action programs for the advancement of children and adolescents in the communities where they live.

The project will combine academic studies with practical work in the field. The participants will learn leadership and values, methods of leadership, components of value and strength in the community, effective inter-personal communication, styles and techniques of how to be influential, solving conflicts between individuals and groups, building strategic projects (defining goals, means and ways of action), documentation and presentation and mediation as an administrative tool.

Each participant will be obligated to undertake a personal project in her community, interacting with existing projects. We will assist her in identifying the actual needs of the community and guide her in putting into action a project that is innovative, unique and relevant to her community.

The program is made up of academic teaching as well as personal guidance. The course's uniqueness is in the development of the personal skills and strengths of the participants who come from poor, and troubled backgrounds. The program raises the young girls' self-confidence, develops personal excellence and grants them a chance to lead people in their communities towards a common goal and to strengthen the social fabric. It places them as positive role models who have succeeded in breaking out of the circle of poverty and reinforces the students' obligation to their communities, even after finishing their studies, as social and educational leaders.

The works of Judaica in front of you are the works of an artisan unique in his highly impressive and professional standard of quality.

The works were included in an art exhibition celebrating the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel, alongside other prestigious artists. Being displayed inimportant international exhibitions testifies to their being of the highest standard.

The uniqueness of Hadas Gallery is in its being an artistic "greenhouse" allowing artists to express their immense talents and graphic abilities. A model of strength and training for that circle of women who without economic and social levers of growth could not break out and express their talents and their abilities to build another future. The gallery offers assistance by providing an answer to every artist who needs a marketing and financing network so that their creations can reach a wide audience, as well as assisting in primary financing.

"Hadas" opens a window of opportunity for women from the social and geographic outskirts, and everyone who looks is stung. The works receive wide appreciation from other artists and spectators.

Only additional partners who widen the employment base can promise strength to the gallery and the future of a continuing generation for an art form that is so ancient and at the same time so modern and relevant. Each purchase is a winning combination of a contribution and social statement and the enjoyment of a magnificent work of art and artistic anchor in the home.

A student newspaper. The staff edits the newspaper and the girls are active participants in writing the context.
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