Shviley Beit Yaacov Seminar

Shviley Beit Yaacov Seminar
The Seminar presents the "second storey" together with the knowledge needed by the girls to join the broad spectrum of the job market, initiating and operating programs that provide the graduates with tools and skills for social leadership. Here is where select study courses in the fields of technology (software engineering and animation) and education (teachers and nursery school teachers) have been formulated.

Great emphasis is put on the subject of placement. The students take part in workshops where they acquire the skills to integrate at work. The Seminar encourages contact with employers even while still at school and assists the girls in finding places of employment.

The study courses reflect the motto "Vision, roots, elevation" and present a base for creating a wide range of employment opportunities for the students.
Special education, primary education, software engineering, accounting (bookkeeping, salary calculation, tax consultancy), graphic design, alternative medicine and more.

Layers – Personal Development and Conviction
The aim of the course is to strengthen the students' inner self, to define clear aims and objectives. Together with this the girls receive assistance and spiritual fuel to help them meet the challenges presented. The educational staff will be happy to assist you meet these challenges now and in the future. 

The teaching course at "Shviley Beit Yaacov" Seminar is structured, up-to-date and relevant. The course reflects my philosophy and provides the tools for training teachers and educators.
The original, visionary project inaugurated by the Seminar each year, places our students one step above teachers who have received accepted training in the field. Placement is supported on a one on one personal level. 

  • Ministry of Education Senior Teacher's Diploma

Pre-School Teacher
The course trains the students to be pre-school teachers, providing them with up-to-date tools of the highest standard. The course provides extra studies in diverse areas dealing in inter-personal communication and the normal development of children, as well as providing tools for diagnosing special needs children. The course consists of in-depth experiential studies and bonus enrichment courses.

  • Ministry of Education Senior Teacher's Diploma

Software Engineering
A high level of teaching the basics of computer sciences for training as computer engineers certified by the Ministry of Labor Technological Training Center.
The teaching program is up-dated according to the advancements in the field of computers, putting an emphasis on advanced theories and technologies.

  • Diploma in software engineering from the Technological Training Center

Music in special education as music therapy
B.A. in Music Education, recognized by the Council for Higher Education and carrying rabbinical approval. In cooperation with "Ron-Shulamit" Conservatory.

The Aim of the Course:
Training the students for B.A. in Music Education, from pre-school to Grade 12, including choral conducting and an additional specialty (one of two): Instrumental Teaching or Music in Special Education (for Music Therapy).

  • Music Teaching Diploma / Music in Special Education Diploma recognized by the Council for Higher Education
  • Academic Teachers Diploma for Teaching All Ages Pre-School – Grade 12)

Directing, Producing and Teaching Drama
If you want to improve your personal and inter-personal abilities and aspire to develop and create, your place is with us. The course includes all facets of the performing arts from directing to acting, as well as helping the students on a personal level to develop and discover their inner self. The drama taught in the course is practical drama, meant among other things, to assist the students in their jobs as teachers.

In 2009 the faculty was awarded a grant from the Fund for Innovative Teaching. In addition, the students took part in making screen productions. All of the faculties students receive personal attention and professional counseling.

  • Ministry of Education Senior Drama Teacher's Diploma

Motor Skills Development Instructor
A child's primary years are characterized by rapid mental, emotional and motor development. Thus the importance of the proper stimuli for his age and stages of development. Specializing in motor skill development provides professional training in the field.

  • Wingate Institute Certificate for Primary Motor Skills Development

Special Education and Snoezelen Therapy
Special education merges thought and feeling, bringing us into an enchanted garden, adorned with delicate blossoms. Each one needs a gentle touch, the warming sun, endless labor and knowledge to bloom and smile at the world.

This course provides the professionalism and knowledge of the many areas of special education, as well as specializing in Snoezelen Therapy, an innovative therapy taking place in an enchanted room, the Snoezelen room, providing stimuli to all the senses and bettering the quality of life of each child in the room.

  • Ministry of Education Senior Special Education Teacher's Diploma

Primary Education
The course trains the students to teach primary grades, pre-school, kindergarten and grades 1 and 2, instilling the knowledge and understanding of child development. The course includes methodology of teaching reading, reading comprehension as well as the cognitive development of the teacher as an enriching factor. Instruction during student teaching, and assistance until successfully teaching in a teaching job.

  • Ministry of Education Primary Education Teacher's Diploma

Visual Communications Engineering and Graphic Design Teacher
The course trains graphic designers at a professional level in every aspect of contemporary graphics. The training starts with thinking visually to answer the needs of the religious population, from studying design to technical computer training.

Design & Visual Communications Engineer's Diploma recognized by the Council for Higher Education

  • Ministry of Education Senior Graphics Teacher's Diploma

Accounting & Tax Consultancy / Business Entrepreneurship
Changes in the economic structure and in legislation have created a demand for professionals in accounting and taxing. The studies in this course train the students in bookkeeping, salary calculation and tax consultancy, as well as providing training in opening a small, independent business, proper structure and profitable management.

  • Qualified Tax Consultant Certificate (after internship of one year)
  • Professional Classification Certificate recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor

Alternative Medicine
Basic studies of practical and recognized methods of alternative medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of physical and emotional problems, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the human body, diseases and their prevention.

In the framework of the course the students learn reflexology and receive a senior reflexologist 's certificate.

In addition, aromatherapy is taught providing the students with comprehensive knowledge in the use of ethereal oils and other innovative techniques.

  • Certificate recognized by the Israel Reflexology Association
  • Certificate for the additional courses from "Maayanot" in cooperation with Merav College and Maccabi Tivi

In recent years we have been witness to a rebirth of Judaica. More and more young and talented artists and artisans are being attracted to this branch of artwork, using a wide spectrum of techniques and artistic genres, combining new and old styles.

The aim of this course is to train the students in the art of Judaica at the high standard required by the market. The training is the passage for the students accepted, placing them in the front row of the employment market. During the course the students put together a portfolio of their work that includes various writings such as: Eshet Hayil (A Woman of Valor), Wedding Ketuba, Birkat Haybayit (Blessing for the Home), etc.

Emotional Intelligence
The students learn about self-awareness and the development of life skills, the reinforcement of emotional intelligence and the knowledge of modern treatment methods in a variety of areas.
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